Automotive madness

Open days to the public
in the Topacz Castle

Saturday 18/08
/10:00 am - 20:00 pm/

Across the Topacz Castle it will be possible to meet all crews and most beautiful vehicles from the years 1886 - 1990 to be presented in two contests. The first one is "Performance test" along the fixed and specially prepared gravel route. Second one is the "Elegance Contest".

During this contest specially appointed jury will assess vehicles and their owners in respect of the criteria of care for vehicle’s restoration and accurate selection of crew’s clothing as well as props representing the style of the year from which the vehicle is from.

In the Topacz Castle you will be able to observe the full cross-section of motorization, from antique to modern. The latest models and the most interesting motoring premieres will be presented by representatives of such contemporary brands as: Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, BMW or Mercedes.

Presentation of antique vehicles on the stage is accompanied by music concerts, attractions prepared especially for children, the exhibition area dedicated to the automotive industry, the military sector (based on historical reconstruction groups), and the foodtruck zone. The event is hosted by Joanna Zientarska and Krzysztof Ibisz, as well as the Commander of the Rally - Adam Kornafel.

The doors of Topacz Automotive Museum are open to all MotoClassic Wrocław visitors free of charge (visit included in the price of the MotoClassic Wrocław ticket).

Sunday 19/08
/10:00 am - 19:00 pm/

Sunday brings similar attractions as the Saturday in Topacz Castle, but with the difference that the "Performance test" along the fixed and specially prepared gravel route and "Elegance Competition" come to an end to award winners on the stage.

The chief editors of the two most important Polish magazines associated with the historic automotive industry: "Automobilista" and "Classic Auto", also give their special prizes.

Concerts are still going on, antique and contemporary vehicles are presented on stage, historical reconstruction groups are present, the children zone is still available, the automotive industry and the foodtruck sector are open. On two stages MotoClassic Wrocław is led by Joanna Zientarska and Krzysztof Ibisz, accompanied by the Commander of the Rally and the Custodian of the Topacz Automotive Museum - Adam Kornafel.

Historic motoring is facing the achievements of the latest technologies, which are presented by modern motoring salons. You can trace the history of such brands as Alpina, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche or BMW, when the modern brand representatives refer to the history of their brands on their stands. Thanks to this, you can independently assess the direction of automotive industry.

In the area of ​​the castle pond, you can use boats and kayaks free of charge to watch the event also from the water level, and the Topacz Automotive Museum opens its doors & can be visited free of charge as part of the purchased ticket for the MotoClassic Wrocław event.

Worth seeing

Castle Topacz

Zamek Topacz Resort & Art SPA is a unique place with extremely rich fourteenth-century history. It is a combination of an old castle atmosphere with modern luxury and comfort dedicated to the most demanding Guests. In its historical interiors you will find a unique ART SPA, a place where art has many names. Surrounded by art, you can experience all the treatments, nourishing the realm of body and soul; the treatments perfectly tailored to the needs of our Guests. After a relaxing stay in our ART SPA we invite you to one of our three restaurants.

The most beautiful vintage vehicles

In the park and courtyard of Topacz Castle during MotoClassic Wrocław you will be able to admire over 300 historic vehicles from Polish and foreign collections. The presentation of vehicles, taking place simultaneously on two stages, will be a special attraction. As part of the professional elegance competition, the jury under the honourable presidency of car design legend Paul Bracq will assess the styling of crews in a historical context and will select winners of this year's awards.
On a specially prepared gravel track, the participants of the event will take part in a sport competition, testing their skills and the efficiency of vehicles in a regular driving competition, judged by the judges of the Polish Motor Show under the leadership of Jacek Blum.

The most interesting premiers and autmotive industry news

In the sector of modern manufacturers, the representatives of almost all automotive brands will present the most interesting and most anticipated news and premiers this year. Among the motoring showrooms you will find the representation of such brands as: Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes.

Special exhibition

In the building of the Automotive Museum Topacz, like every year, you will be able to admire exhibitions prepared especially for the MotoClassic Wrocław edition. This year's exhibition will be inspired by the 100th anniversary of regaining independence of Poland. Using this occasion, we will present an exhibition dedicated to the Polish automotive industry

Ist International Alpine Meeting in Poland

The Ist International Alpine Meeting in Poland will be held during this year’s edition of MotoClassic Wrocław. We expect to guest wide range of the Alpine A110 cars accompanied by the other very rare Alpine models. We are also expecting very special guest, more details soon ...

Special Collections

The presence of special collections, including the Rolls-Royce Enthisiasts' Club Poland, Casual Car Club Warsaw & Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Club has been announced at MotoClassic Wrocław.  

Sport historic Bugatti 

The owner of the historic Bugatti cars fell in love with Lower Silesia region and the MotoClassic Wrocław so much that they decided to return to this year's edition in a slightly expanded representation. It seems to be a beautiful mini Bugatti festival.

The 2nd International Rally W113 Pagoda Sl Club Poland

The 2nd International W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland will be held during this year’s edition of MotoClassic Wrocław.  Paul Bracq, the designer of the Pagoda Mercedes model, confirmed again his presence, we expect on place more than 20 vehicles of this iconic model. Jeremy Clarkson described the vehicle as ‘...probably the most beautiful Mercedes ever produced.’

Historical reconstruction groups sector

This section will show vehicles, elements of uniforms and equipment of historical reconstruction groups from the Lower Silesia region.

Automotive industry

In a specially prepared corporate sector where companies will be presenting products and services related to the automotive industry, participants and visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the offer addressed professionally to the market of vintage vehicles and to buy stylish souvenirs or clothes.


There will also be a children's area in the event venue. As in the previous year, the automotive catering area will be established, where local foodtrucks will be invited. Music bands will be performing on the two outdoor stages.


Tickets to the MotoClassic Wrocław event can will be available on-line through EBilet (link) service and in the selected POSs in the Topacz Castle, on the dates of the event: 18th August (Saturday) 2018, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, 19th August (Sunday) 2018, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

15 PLN

one-day discounted ticket

30 PLN

one-day regular ticket

The discounted ticket is entitled to youth up to 19 years-of-age,
the elders i.e. pensioners and patron wis disabled person.
All children up to 7 years-of-age can enter for free.

Travel and parking

You can reach the Topacz Castle by car, bus line 612 / stop Ślęza - ul. Przystankowa /, by bike - the route from Al. Karkonoska through Partynice and Wysoka (Zwycięstwa Avenue -> Ołtaszyńska Street -> Radosna Street -> Przystankowa Street -> Błękitna Street).

We also encourage you to use the special service prepared by Wicar Taxi, which as the only transport company will bring you to the entrance to the event area. As part of the cooperation, all clients will be entitled to a 10% discount using the "MotoClassic Wrocław" password to the value of travel above PLN 15 each way. Next to the entrance to the event area, Wicar Taxi will prepare a special taxi stop for you.

We have prepared free parking spaces for you. The Główna Street leading to the Topacz Castle for the duration of the event will be closed for road traffic (excluding residents, people involved in the organization of the event and Wicar Taxi), therefore we will ask you to use only the indicated parking lots.

The first parking lot will be located at Przystankowa Str. in the town of Ślęza next to the "Sanbet" sign. Another parking lot will be located at Pszenna Str., and the third parking space will be designated at Matchpoint, ul. Szyszkowa 6, Ślęza, 55-040 Kobierzyce.

Topacz Castle
Ślęza, 12 Główna Street
55-040 Kobierzyce

(in your GPS please enter: Zamek Topacz Ślęza, ul. Główna 12)

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Topacz Castle
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