MotoClassic Wrocław 2020 edition canceled

We have to announce with great sadness the information that this year's upcoming 10th anniversary MotoClassic Wrocław 2020 has been canceled.
In the reality that surrounds us, it is extremely difficult to plan our activities, as well as to develop a scenario of the event, which is based on cooperation with many institutions, which at the moment in the circumstances given to us are not able to make any binding decisions for obvious reasons, which is absolutely understandable to us.
The attention of all of us is now directed at matters of the highest importance - our health, family and our closest friends. We hope to meet you all again next year in circumstances that will be more favorable to us.
We will miss you very much. With motoring greetings, the MotoClassic Wrocław team.

MotoClassic Wroclaw 10th anniversary edition

We are happy to announce that 10th anniversary edition of MotoClassic Wrocław is coming soon. The venue for the participants will take place between 14th & 16th of August 2020.

The call for entries will be opened from the 11th of May 2020 from 10am. and you will be able to register your crew via our web page We will close the call for entries on the 31st of July 2020.

See you soon in Topacz Castle.

jAGUAR-I-PACE - the most tittled car of 2019

At this year's MotoClassic Wrocław, Land Rover, thanks to the support of the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland will present Jaguar Cars models from 1957 to the present, including the most tittled car of 2019 - Jaguar I-Pace - winner of the most important automotive awards:


Mercedes-Benz dealership, Grupa Wróbel - prepremiere electric Mercedes EQC

Thanks to the cooperation of Mercedes-Benz dealership, Grupa Wróbel with Polish Club of Classic Mercedes Enthusiasths, we are going to see an extraordinary encounter of past and the future. An exhibition of the three-pointed star brand this year includes the most wanted and hot premieres as AMG GT R PRO or GT 4-Door Coupé. What’s even more exciting is pre-premiere exhibition of first in the history, fully electric Mercedes - EQC which official launch to polish market is planned in October 2019.

LEOPARD - the one and only

At this year's MotoClassic Wrocław, Kimbex Dream Cars will present the Polish LEOPARD car - a hand-built car at the Mielec factory. A unique unique in the world, currently the only one in the world to sell, this one will be presented during MotoClassic Wrocław 2019.

Motowizja is the media partner of the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019

Media partner of this year's MotoClassic Wrocław event was again taken by our automotive partner TV channel Motowizja. Thank you for the media support of the event.

Lexus Wrocław will present the Lexus LC sports coupe

At this year's MotoClassic Wrocław, Lexus Wrocław, meeting the expectations of visitors, will present models,
which you most often asked about in previous editions of the event. It will be a full range of SUVs or RX, NX and UX and the most emotional sports coupe - Lexus LC
 See you soon.

Frederique Constant - Patron of the Elegance Competition

Together with our partner, Frederique Constant, we are counting down to the start of the 9th edition of the MotoClassic Wrocław event. Frederique Constant is the patron of this year's Elegance Competition. The watch of this brand with a commemorative engraving along with the cup will be the main prize, i.e. the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 Grand Prix.
See you this weekend, August 17 and 18 at Topacz Castle.

Toyota Nowakowski on MotoClassic Wrocław

Toyota Nowakowski will visit MotoClassic Wrocław again. A Japanese brand dealer with 28 years of experience in Lower Silesia will present models from "Year 7 Premier", and several automotive surprises. For everyone who likes competitions, at the stand there will be the opportunity to win the latest Toyota Corolla for the weekend.

Honorary Patronage of the Kobierzyce Commune Office.

The head of the commune of Kobierzyce, Ryszard Pacholik, tradition of previous years, took the honorary patronage of the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 event. We are very pleased that our annual undertaking has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of the most important events in the area of ​​the Kobierzyce Commune Office.

Honorary Patronage granted to the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 by the Prezydent Wrocławia Jacek Sutryk

We were very pleased to receive the news about the Honorary Patronage granted to the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019  by the Prezydent Wrocławia Jacek Sutryk
This is a signal for us that once again MotoClassic Wrocław has been recognized and thus entered into important cultural events of Dolny Śląsk.
Mr. President - thank you for your trust.


Skoda Centrum TMT Wrocław is ŠKODA authorized dealerships and service on the automotive market for 20 years!
We will be happy to share their experience and knowledge with you during MotoClassic Wrocław 2019.
The cars that TMT Center will present are: Skoda Super FL, Skoda Scala, Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Karoq.
We have prepared for you a competition with unique prizes, in which you will be able to win as many as two of the presented models, with a full tank, available for the whole of the weekend.


At this edition of MotoClassic Wrocław Impwar Nissan will present you with the new Nissan-Leaf - the most advanced electric car on the roads of the world. Equipped with at e-pedal, proPilot and proPilota Park will make every trip completely unique.
Thanks to the range of innovative Intelligent Mobility solutions, the new Nissan-Leaf is phenomenal to drive.
See You on the prezentation.

ADF AUTO on MotoClassic 2019

ADF Auto is the largest authorised car dealer of Fiat, ALFA ROMEO, Jeep, Abarth, Fiat Professional and IVECO in the area of south-west Poland. We would like to invite you 9th time to their stand on MotoClassic Wrocław 2019.
This time they will present a sporty expression of the Italian passion - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio- 510 KM - perfection in every inch.
There will also present the remaining models from the FCA group, including - JEEP GRAND Cherokee SRT8Alfa Romeo Giulia -Universal Jeep Compass, Fiat 124 Spider .
We warmly invite you to our meeting during MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 as well as to car showroom at Karkonoska 45 street in Wrocław.

MotoClassic FOODTRUCK Zone

Traditional Balkan grilled burgers, Greek souvlaki, bubble waffles, and maybe a cocktail or smothie outdoors?
At the Topacz Castle, during MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 will park and feed the best gastronomy from all over Poland! Enjoy your meal.

Horse Racing Track - Partynice is a MotoClassic Wrocław partner.

Tor Wyścigów Konnych - Partynice joined the group of Partners of this year's MotoClassic Wrocław.
On this occasion, the race day, which falls on Sunday, August 18-th is called "MotoClassic Wroclaw". We can reveal that on this day during the party on Partynice there will be a representation of crews with classic cars that will be guests of the MotoClassic Wrocław 2019.
We are very excited about this meeting.


A very special event of this year's edition of MotoClassic Wrocław will be a unique premiere, prepared by Salon Austor - auta z historią, a BAC MONO vehicle, a car with road approval. MONO is an exclusive project that sets a new benchmark in the narrow and elite segment of light sports cars. The vehicle presented during the event is the only one in Poland, one of 7 in continental Europe and one of over 80 in the world. It comes from the Austor private collection - a car with a history and you can see it on Sunday, August 18. We can not wait.

Fiat 500 is parked

Like every year, two weeks before MotoClassic Wrocław, we dipped into the aquarium and parked at Oławska Street unusual specimen - agile Fiat 500 from the 70's. This is our secret signal that MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 is comming soon.

Over 250 vehicles registered

Today at midnight we close the deadline for submitting this year's edition of the MotoClassic Wrocław. We have to admit that the attendance has surprised us again and is record-breaking compared to previous years. At the moment, more than 250 beautiful classic vehicles are registered, the number of which will surely increase even more, which we still see after the entries we receive.
We are very happy for this automotive meeting
See you soon

17-th and 18-th of August - it is a Tea Time

A specialist on the market of high-quality teas Zawsze znajdę Czas na Herbatę MotoClassic Wrocław has established a cooperation for the third time. As in previous years, the participants and guests of the event will be able to taste and enjoy the amazing flavors of teas, which are brought to Lower Silesia by the "Czas na Herbatę" company.
We can not wait for this tasting

August 1, 2019 is the deadline for applications for participants to this year's edition


We would like to inform you that the last 2 days have remained for the registration of crews for this year's edition of MotoClassic Wrocław. The deadline for applications is 1 August. You can register the crew through our website by selecting the "Register a crew" button.
Wormly welcome

Club of Vintage Mercedes Poland for the first time on MotoClassic Wrocław

This year's ninth edition of the event will undoubtedly bring unforgettable impressions to Mercedes fans. For the first time, the MotoClassic Wrocław event will be attended by the Club of Vintage Mercedes Poland - one of the largest clubs of classic motoring in Poland. You will be able to admire them both on Saturday, August 17 and on Sunday, August 18, in the courtyard of the Topacz Castle. The exhibition will be created thanks to the support of Mercedes-Benz Polska and Mercedes-Benz Grupa Wróbel.

Pagoda SL Club Polland

On Sunday, August 18, Pagoda SL Club Poland will visit MotoClassic Wrocław. Members of the club will appear at 11:00 am at the Topacz Castle in the amount of over 24 vehicles. For the third time, Mercedes models designed by Paul Bracq, will visit MotoClassic Wrocław in such a large representation. We are always happy about this visit, because friendship and love for motoring have brought us together from the very first time.

Jaguar Daimler Club Holland on MotoClassic Wrocław

The guest of this year's edition will be Jaguar Daimler Club Holland - associating over two thousand fans of this brand in the Netherlands. Its members organize a two-week trip around the attractive parts of one of the European countries.

Last year they visited Scotland,this year the choice fell on Poland, and Motoclassic Wroclaw will be the final of their journey. On Saturday, August 17, the Zamek Topacz will be able to admire over 35 unique vintage Jaguar and Daimler vehicles for the first time.

Ford Anniversary

On July 23, 1903, the first Ford was sold. Ford Motor Co. was the third company of Henry Ford, the previous two failed. Until 1927, the company produced 15,458,781 of these cars. In 1913, Ford introduced a tape production, thanks to which every 10 seconds the car came down from the line, and in 1914 half of the world's production cars were Ford. Attractive vehicles of this brand will certainly not be missing at this year's MotoClassic Wrocław. The oldest registered vehicle of this brand will be Ford T from 1926.

MotoClassic Wroclaw 2019 tickets available online

We are happy to announce that tickets for this year's edition of MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 are now available for sale online through
The purchased ticket can be redeemed on Saturday or Sunday without the need to declare the day at the time of purchase.
You're welcome!

Last vacancies in the parade and the rally!

We continue to register participants of this year's MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 edition. Over 150 crews have already received starting numbers. We would like to report that the pool of places in the parade and the orienteering rally is running out. If you are interested in attending a three-day event, we encourage you to register as soon as possible through our webpage

We open the call for entries on th 6th of May

May 6th from 10:00am. we will officially open the call for entries for participants of MotoClassic Wrocław 2019 edition.This year you will be able to declare a two-day participation including weekend or three-day participation with a Friday parade or rally. Crew registration will be available online through our website, with the button "Crew Registration". After signing in you will be able to check the programme and conditions of the participation, fill in the registration form and send your inquire.We warmly welcome!

MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 - summary

We are happy to announce that this year's edition of MotoClassic Wrocław attracted over 20,000 visitors during two days of the event open to the public. We have registered over 250 crews & at the area of MotoClassic Wrocław there was parked over 600 wonderful and unique classic cars from Poland and abroad. Next year's edition of the event is planned for 17 - 18 August 2019 and will be held again at the Topacz Castle. The event for the owners of the classics will start already on August 16, and you will be able to register the crew via our website from May 6, 2019. We cordially invite you!

Bugatti representation on MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

This year's MotoClassic Wrocław edition will be visited this year by the official representation of Czech Republic's Bugatti Club. From Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, will arrive such exceptional examples as: Bugatti T13 from 1921, Bugatti T40 from 1926, Bugatti T40 from 1926, Bugatti Type 43 from 1927 or Bugatti T40 from 1928 will come to us.

Jürgen Clauss will be official guest MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

A man of great passion and determination who is not afraid to get his hands dirty with hard work. Alpine world legend. We are honored that Mr. Jürgen Clauss and his alpineLAB project will be official guest of 1st International Alpine Meeting in Poland during MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 ! We're counting down the days!

On 1 August 2018 at midnight we close the deadline for applications for MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 participants

We would like to inform you that today at midnight we will close the deadline for the participation in the event. On our web page, the "Registration of the Crew" button will be removed, and the links leading to the payment will be deactivated. Anyone willing to participate in the event is invited to register, there are only a few hours have been left.

Krzysztof Ibisz co-hosting this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław

Co-host of this year's edition of the MotoClassic Wrocław event will be Krzysztof Ibisz, who is with us from the very beginning. He got infected with the historic automobile passion and we know that without his absolute professionalism and experience MotoClassic Wrocław wouldn't be the same. As in the previous year, Joanna Zientarska will join Krzysztof. It's a really interesting marriage of great personalities that we like and appreciate.

On the 1st of October we close the call for entries for participants

We would like to remind that on the 1st of August we close the call for entries to this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław. You can still register your crew through our web page

Polish motoring journalist Włodzimierz Zientarski - guest of MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

Joanna Zientarska one of the hosts of this year edition MotoClassic Wrocław will arrive to Castle Topacz with a great companion. We are happy to announce that one of the special guests of this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław will be Włodzimierz Zientarski. Legendary Polish motoring journalist who influenced plenty of Polish motoring fans. He will also become an honored member of the Elegance Contest jury.

Paul Bracq will not be able to arrive to MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

Dear Mercedes Pagoda enthusiasts, we would like to announce that the honorary guests of this year's edition, Paul Bracq with his wife Alice, will not be able to take part in the event this year. Despite their absence, according to last year's promise, Paul Bracq donated his graphics for a charity auction that will take place during the Commander's Ball in Castle Topacz. We hope that the Master's indisposition will be a temporary one and we will have the pleasure of hosting them in the future.

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club Poland on MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

We are happy to announce that this year the Rolls-Royce Enthisiasts' Club Poland will visit us again, presenting very interesting models of vintage vehicles dedicated to this brand. We are waiting for this meeting again. It seems that we will be lucky enough to guest very special vehicle of Rolls-Royce Brand that will be presented in Poland for the first time.

Casual Car Club invites to take part in Classic Rally to MotoClassic Wrocław

Casual Car Club taking part in this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław is organizing special rally Warsaw-Topacz. Rajd Klasyczny (Classic Rally) is two-day tourist rally starting from Warsaw and finishing at the Topacz castle at the MotoClassic event. There are numerous attractions waiting for the participants, such as various tasks on the route, driving challenge and picnic in nice scenery. At the end of the first day we organized delicious dinner and an overnight stay in the charming palace. We warmly welcome! More details: 

Alpine cars on MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

We are happy to anoounce that during this year edition will take place also First International Alpine Meeting in Poland. Soon we will deliver more details, to receive information about participation feel free to contact:

Over 50 crews already registered to MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 & all rooms booked in Hotel Topacz

We have already registered over 50 crews to this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław & they did manage to book all the rooms in Hotel Topacz. It is possible to sign up for a reserve list, but it does not give a guarantee of obtaining a room. Signing up on the reserve list can be done after registering the crew, making a payment for participation and receiving the crew registry number and finally contacting the Hotel Topacz reservations department: tel. 71 771 99 54, e-mail:

Pagoda SL Club Poland during MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

We have always built MotoClassic Wrocław on the basis of the motoring cooperations. This one is really close to our heart. We are happy to announce that this year on the main courtyard of Castle Topacz you will meet the Mercedes Pagoda owners again. We just can't wait!

MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 - we are opening the call for entries

We are happy to announce that from the 7th of May, from 12pm we are opening the call for entries to this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław. You will be able to register your crew through our web page In case of any additional questions feel free to contact Ms. Ewa Siwek, our Participants Coordinator, mobile: +48 693 762 610, email: 

Polish music band Bovska Sunday on stage

We are not afraid to confront historical & contemporary vehicles during MotoClassic Wrocław 2017. We also experiment with music bands. We are happy to announce that young and very skilled Polish music band Bovska is going to perform on our main stage on Sunday afternoon in automotive style. We just can't wait.

On 1st of August we close the call for entries for participants

Dear participants we close the call for entries for this year edition of MotoClassic Wrocław on 1st of August. We are waiting for your applications until Monday. We warmly welcome, out of love for classic motoring.

Horse carriages during MotoClassic Wroclaw 2017

We are happy to announce that thanks to cooperation with the Muzeum Galowice during this year's Motoclassic Wroclaw we will have the opportunity for the first time in Poland together with classic cars to see the 150-year-old, pieticly restored carriages. They will honor us by their presence for instance: the owner of the 'brek', owned before by the Prince Sanguszko's, and at the same time most successful winner of European driving tradition contest in 2016. We'll see carriages with four, three, two horses.

Mr. Paul Bracq - special guest of MotoClassic Wrocław 2017

We are happy to announce that owing to the joint efforts of Pagoda SL Klub Polska & our office Mr. Paul Bracq (designer of the legendary Mercedes W133 Pagoda model) accepted our invitation and will be a special guest of this year edition of MotoClassic Wroclaw.

Over 75 crews already registered, thank you !

We have opened the applications & registered already over 75 crews in less than two weeks, and wee keep on. Thank you for Your trust.

Castle Topacz - all the rooms booked for MotoClassic Wroclaw 2017

We would like to inform that all the rooms in Castle Topacz for MotoClassic Wrocław 2017 are already booked. After loggingin/registering on our web page you will be able to find the list of reccomended hotels in the closest area. In case of any questions feel free to contact us.

First International W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland Meeting

We are revealing the first collaborations & our plans for MotoClassic Wrocław 2017. We are happy to announce that during this year of edition of MotoClassic Wrocław we will be honoured to guest First International W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland Meeting. You will be able to admire the beautiful Mercedes W113 models located on the area of Castle Topacz. More surprises of this event we will reveal very soon.

We open the call for entries for MotoClassic Wrocław 2017

From Monday 24th of April we are opening the call for entries for the MotoClassic Wrocław 2017. Registration will be possible to make via our website. In terms of accommodation there is a possibility to use the campsite located on the area of MotoClassic Wrocław (free of charge), to book a room at the Topacz Hotel, to choose one of recommended hotels in the area or book a room according to your own preferences. Guests interested in booking a room in the Hotel Topacz are kindly asked to check the availability of the rooms by phone or e-mail before the registration.

MotoClassic Wrocław 2016 - Thank You - and see you next year

We would like to thank to all participants of this year edition of MotoClassic Wroclaw, Partners of the event and motoring fans, who visited Castle Topacz. We were visited by more than 15,000 spectactors, on the are of Castle Topacz were gathered more than 500 unique vehicles, accompanied by 11 representatives of the contemporary brands and more than 20 exhibitors from the automotive industry.

The next edition of the event will be held from 18 - 20 August 2017. The call for entries for submissions for the participants of the rally will be opened in early May 2017. We warmly welcome


1st of August - last day of application for the participants

We kindly inform that we accept applications from the participants of MotoClassic Wrocław 2016 edition till 1st of August. We close the application process on 2nd of August 2016.

MotoClassic Wrocław 2016 - You can apply now!

We are delighted to announce that we have opened tha call for submissions for this year's edition of MotoClassic Wroclaw, which will be held for participants from 12 - 14 August 2016. All the moto crews willing to participate in the event are invited to register the crew, using our website. We warmly welcome !

Już za chwilę zaczynamy!

MotoClassic Wrocław 2015 już za chwilę zaczynamy – z miłości do Motoryzacji. Serdecznie zapraszamy do Zamku Topacz !

MotoClassic Wrocław & Auto Nostalgia

W dniach 16 – 17 maja 2015 roku odbędą się jedyne w swoim rodzaju Ogólnopolskie Targi Pojazdów Zabytkowych w Warszawie. Nie zabraknie tam również reprezentacji MotoClassic Wrocław. Serdecznie zapraszamy do wspólnego spotkania i rozmów o motoryzacji.

MotoClassic Wrocław 2015 - termin zgłoszeń otwarty!

Z radością informujemy, że termin zgłoszeń dla załóg z pojazdami do udziału w tegorocznej edycji imprezy MotoClassic Wrocław został oficjalnie otwarty. Wszystkie niezbędne informacje dotyczące warunków uczestnictwa w imprezie są dostępne po zalogowaniu się na naszej stronie. Serdecznie zapraszamy!

We start soon!

MotoClassic Wrocław 2015, new webpage and applications, we start soon – from the love for Moto. Hope to see You in Castle Topacz.


Topacz Castle
Ślęza ul. Główna 12 · 55-040 Kobierzyce