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MotoClassic Wrocław & History

MotoClassic Wrocław is a brand created by collectors of vintage cars with the participation of entrepreneurs, automotive sport stars, and authorities of the Wrocław city, Kobierzyce commune, and Dolnośląskie Province. The aim of “Towarzysztwo Automobilowe Topacz” activities – initiator and organiser of this event – is building and expanding automotive awareness, gathering the community of vintage vehicles’ collectors, fans of history, and bringing newest trends taking place in the contemporary automotive closer. We are open to new ideas, solutions, proposals.


Concours d'Elegance

Concours d'Elegance is the quintessence of the MotoClassic Wrocław event. The omnipresent glam and style of crews participating in the event, wearing vintageal clothing, has been assessed each year by jurors. Rafał Waltenberger (Film Stage Designer) with Marysia Duffek (Film Stage Designer and Costume Designer) last year kept an eye on the style. Rally’s participants raise the bar of sophisticated elegance each year by selecting vehicle age-adequate stylisations, as well as time-relevant props.

MotoClassic Wrocław is a clear return to past motor sports.


The motor sport event at the Topacz Castle is also a great celebration of motor sports for motorcycle drivers. Each year, in the term of MotoClassic Wrocław, we are welcoming individual collectors, as well as motorcycle madness fans clubs. Especially for them, each year, we have been organising in the Topacz Castle an exceptional camp site, where they can spend time in their own groups and praise freedom highly valued by motorcycle drivers.

Please join us!


Groups of vintage re-enactment and military lovers trusted us from the very beginning and participated in our event since its first edition. Each year they have been coming back to the Topacz Castle in a strong and organised group, to present the exceptionally interesting and vintage aspect of automotive development, taking into account the smallest details connected not only with vehicles, but also with apparel, props and other elements accompanying to a specific vintage epoch.

Contemporary Brands

MotoClassic Wrocław event is also a pretext to meet classics of vintage motor sports and to confront them with newest achievements of the greatest contemporary leaders on the market.

As each year, it will be possible to see the most state-of-the-art and most spectacular premiers of contemporary brands present in the Topacz Castle, to see which direction will the worldwide automotive sector go to.


Topacz Castle
Ślęza ul. Główna 12 · 55-040 Kobierzyce