MotoClassic Wrocław 2018

MotoClassic Wrocław is a convention of vintage cars of 1886-1990 organised regularly in the Topacz Caste, nearby Wrocław. The next coming edition of the event open to public will take place between 21st and 22nd of August 2021.

Registration date of crews with vehicles will start from the 17th of May 2021. Crew’s registration will then be launched at our website Upon logging in, information will be available regarding participation in this event. To participate, You will be asked to fill in the registration form. The call for entries will be closed at the 30st of July 2021.


Parade & orienteering rally

The day of 14th of August 2020 (Friday) is a prelude and at the same time a great inauguration of the event. On that day a column of vintage cars of 1886-1990 will move out from the Topacz Castle for an exceptional parade that will go across the entire city of Wrocław. On the same day, the one and only orienteering rally, according to the itinerary and the route which has been always a puzzle as well as tasks and challenges connected with them, will start from the Topacz Castle’s courtyard.

Automotive madness at the Topacz Castle

The day of 21st of August (Saturday) and 22nd of August (Sunday) 2021 are two days open to the public at the Topacz Castle during which, there will be a lot of vintage vehicles worth seeing, both from Poland and abroad, and it will be possible to benefit from automotive and other attractions...



On 14th of August 2020 / Friday / you will face a prelude but also a great inauguration of our event. On this day a column of vintage cars of 1886-1990 will move from the Topacz Castle for an exceptional parade that will go across the city Wrocław.
Pararel to parade starts also the orientation rally according to itinerary.




The most interesting day of the rally. In the area surrounding Castle Topacz You can meet the most beautiful vehicles that take part in the two competitions. The first is performance tests on designated and specially prepared gravel road. The second competition is Elegance Contest. Specially appointed to this jury evaluates vehicles and their owners in terms of the criteria of taking care of the restoration of the vehicle and the accurate selection of costume and props of the rally crew to the style of years, from which the vehicle comes from.
Among the hosts of the event will be Joanna Zientarska, Krzysztof Ibisz, Włodzimierz Zientarski, Mateusz Stworzewicz, Błażej Żuławski, as well as Commander of the Rally Adam Kornafel



Sunday is a day a little bit calmer, although rich in very interesting competitions prepared by our media partners. That day we choose the most beautiful car of the rally, according to automobile magazines. MotoClassic Wroclaw rally jury selects the most elegant and interesting vehicle of 2020 year edition.


This year, a parade of approximately 40 vintage vehicles will drive again through Wrocław as in previous years. The column of vehicles will set off on Friday afternoon from the Topacz Castle towards the Old Wrocław Market Square, where the competition for the most beautiful car will take place. The Wroclaw Market Square will also be a place of several additional attractions prepared for the participants of the rally.

We are looking forward to this meeting and cordially invite you.

Orienteering rally

Parallel to the parade from the courtyard of the Castle Topacz starts rally based on orientation of the roadbook. The route is always a mystery, as well as tasks and related challenges facing participants. 

The rally route will cover a lenght of approx. 120km, which mean approx. 8 hours of great fun. We warmly welcome.

Elegance contest

This year’s edition of this event will provide a possibility to get the award in the ‘elegance’ category contest. Starting from Saturday morning, the participants will face the challenge in the ‘elegance’ contest where a professional jury will assess both cars and their crews.

Not only manner of vehicle’s replica and its exceptional beauty will be investigated, but also crew’s skills in depicting the spirit of vehicle’s era, using their appearance and character.

You are welcome to join us!

Performance tests at a race track

As each year we are running performance tests for rally’s participants at the specially prepared race track. This time the winning will base not upon the vehicle’s elegance, but manual skills of the driver behind the steering wheel.

You are welcome to join our sport competition!

Discussion panels and meetings

MotoClassic Wrocław is an event during which we want to create an exceptional space to exchange new information and experiences. We cordially invite you to discussion panels and meetings with motor sports historians as well as motor sport stars.

Backstage talks in the vip room

During this event its participants will have the VIP room at their disposal. We hope it will become an unofficial automotive discussion club. When drinking a cup of tea or coffee and eating a sweet snack, you will have the opportunity to indulge into your automotive plans and establish new friendships.

You are more than welcome!

Commander’s ball

The extreme elegance end of the day with will be the ceremonial Commander’s Ball dedicated to convention’s participants, to be held in a ballroom at the Topacz Castle. By wearing an evening gown or suit inspired with vehicle’s times, you will be able to spend an unforgettable night.

The Ball will be hosted by Joanna Zientarska and Commander of the Rally Adam Kornafel, menu will be composed by Topacz Restaurant’s Chef, and the show will be performed live by the music band "Coctail".

You are welcome to this one and only Ball!

Elegance contest

On Sunday we will continue the elegance contest that will end with a ceremonial awarding of prizes on the stage.

Performance tests at the race track

Sport challenges will continue also on Sunday that will end with a ceremonial awarding of prizes on the stage.

Contest for the most beautiful car of the magazines Classic Auto and Automobilista.

Houses of the most popular automotive magazines will elect from the convention’s members, and at the same time owners of these terrific vehicles, their favourite ones and will praise them with the automobile title and an award handed on the stage.

Backstage talks in the vip room

In the VIP Room, rally’s participants will be able to sum up their experiences regarding this event, exchange contact information, and establish new motor sports-related friendships.

Topacz Castle

It is a great place for family, business, and automotive leisure – 50 hectares of a picturesque park surrounded with a beautiful pond, distanced approximately 15 minutes from Wrocław’s city centre. Across the castle and park complex of the Topacz Castle there is a hotel, restaurant, tennis courts, an automotive museum and a medieval castle.

Hotel & spa

Our guests can stay not only in new interiors but also in a new quality provided for the most demanding clients.


Topacz Castle’s restaurant offers Polish cuisine with elements of Mediterranean cuisine, whereas the unique nature of dishes is thanks to local products used.

Automotive museum

At 600 square metres we collected an impressive collection of 130 museum vehicles, of both Polish and foreign makes. Next to such unique Polish vehicles, such as Fiat 508, Podkowa, or Sokół 1000, we have unique foreign vehicles with an exceptional Rolls-Royce & Bentley collection worth boasting about.


Prepare yourself for a unique travel to times when automobiles had an individual and exceptional nature. We will move back to pioneer 1930s’ as well as we will visit the atmosphere of post-World War decades of People’s Republic of Poland (PRL), full of motorcycles and cars nowadays not seen on Polish roads.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 12:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Saturday evening meeting

On Staurday evening we will be able to meet on the banquet, dedicated to convention’s members and taking place in the VIP Area located at the courtyard of Topacz Castle, on a Saturday evening (21th of August). This is a closed event with the participation conditioned based on invitation’s reception.

Special guests

MotoClassic Wrocław is an event which each year gathers automotive circles. I have the pleasure to present you with a couple of exceptional people for whom automotive always means something more...

Paul Bracq in 2017

A car designer best known for his work with Mercedes-Benz. He started his career in the famous Philippe Charbonneaux studio (1953-1954).

He made his mark on practically all of the contemporary Mercedes designs, from the 190SL roof design through the Mercedes W100 to the W108 / W109 and W114 / 115 models. However, the project which he is most associated with has remained the Mercedes W113 Pagoda. In 1967, after quitting Mercedes-Benz, Paul Bracq worked for several car manufacturers (BMW, Citroen, Peugeot) and participated in the design of the TGV high-speed train. Today he is a legend of car design, taking part as juror in many prestigious competitions (such as Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance or Monte Carlo). He lives in Bordeaux (France) with his wife Alice. Together with his son Boris they lead the Atelier Paul Bracq, which specialises in the renovation of Mercedes of the 50s and 60s.  

Sobiesław Zasada in the year 2013

Polish rally driver, javelin thrower, and businessman. An economist graduated from the Cracow School of Business. Three-times’ European champion, three-times’ silver medallist of European championships, eleven-times’ Poland’s rally champion, winner of 148 car rallies. Ex-Steyr Puch (3 years), ex-Porsche (5 years), ex-BMW (2 years), and ex-Mercedes-Benz (3 years) works driver. Author of a couple of books i.e. “Samochód, Rajd, Przygoda” and “Moje Rajdy” describing his rally adventures, and “Szybkość bezpieczna”, Szybkość bezpieczna – Safari”, as well as their expanded version “Szerokiej drogi. Doskonalenie techniki jazdy”.

In the years 1981-1986 he was a consultant in the Porsche AG company’s development department. Since 1990 he has been cooperating with the Mercedes-Benz enterprise (by 1996 he was the general representative of the company in Poland).

Krzysztof Hołowczyc w 2014 roku

Krzysztof Hołowczyc to jeden z najbardziej utytułowanych polskich kierowców rajdowych, mający w swoim dorobku zarówno wielokrotne tytuły Mistrza Polski, Mistrza Europy, jak i udane starty w eliminacjach Mistrzostw Świata (WRC) i w legendarnym rajdzie Dakar, których zwieńczeniem było trzecie miejsce w 2015r. Sukcesy sportowe w połączeniu z wyjątkową osobowością zaowocowały ogromną popularnością jego osoby oraz przyczyniły się do prawdziwego rozkwitu rajdów samochodowych w Polsce.

W 2012, za wybitne zasługi w działalności na rzecz polskiej motoryzacji, został odznaczony Krzyżem Kawalerskim Orderu Odrodzenia Polski.

Poprzednio, za zasługi dla rozwoju sportów motorowych, postanowieniem Prezydenta RP z 10 stycznia 2000 został odznaczony Srebrnym Krzyżem Zasługi, zaś z 5 stycznia 2005 Złotym Krzyżem Zasługi. W 2006 otrzymał Medal "Milito Pro Christo".

Jerzy Mazur between 2013 & 2015

Polish rally driver, participant. Founder of, the only both in Poland and in Europe, the Museum of Mining and Motor Sports. Currently, Nissan salon owner.

He started his career at the turn of 1960s and 1970s. His greatest success is winning a race in the Fiat 126p make class, in 1970s. Later, he was a driver of Star and Jelcz trucks. In that category he won the 15th place (per 120 trucks) in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Another success is formula race at the Hungaroring race track – he won the 3rd place with world-wide formula leaders.

He has been connected with MotoClassic Wrocław event since 2012.

Martin Kaczmarski in the year 2014

Martin Kaczmarski is a rally driver. He was born in the 1990s. He has been competing in the crew of Lotto driving, probably, the best roadster in the world – Mini All4 Racing.

He has been forming a duet, master-apprentice, with Krzysztof Hołowczyc. He lives in Wrocław.

In January 2014, Martin took part in the 36th edition of Dakar rally being the youngest car driver in the history of this legendary rally. His result was also historical – he won the 9th place in the general classification which for a newcomer was a unprecedented result!

Jan Tarczyński between 2011 & 2015

Humanistic science Ph.D., historian of material culture, a publicist, a journalist. Author of 25 books and over 450 articles on Polish automotive technology and military technology history, as well as history of Polish independence emigration following the World War II. Creator of documentary TV films. Member of i.e. the Board of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London and Vice-President of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Great Britain. Awarded with i.e. Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, Silver Cross of Merit, Medal of the Commission of National Education, Gold Medal of National Remembrance Places’ Caregiver, and “Pro Memoria” Medal.

He has been involved with MotoClassic Wrocław since 2010.

Katarzyna Kuligowska between 2011 & 2019

In 1975 I got a re-enacted WSK 125 from my uncle but it all started with NSU 501 OSL purchased for my first salary in 1978. Since then, vintage cars became my life. My interest in the motor sports history was crowned with a Ph.D. in technology history. My great love is the Polish Podkowa motorcycle which I have been riding in European rallies of vintage cars since 1986. In my older days I switched to a car – nowadays I visit successive rallies in my 1930’s BMW race car. I love motor sports history and people in love with vintage cars.

Krzysztof Ibisz between 2012 & 2018

He is one of the most popular and most liked TV presenter and journalist. Winner of three Wiktor awards in the audience award category and two Telekamery awards.

He has been working in television for over 20 years. He made the audience fall in love with him since the beginning of his career when being a host of the show “Czar Par”. With time he became an unquestionable TV star, hosting the biggest and most popular entertainment shows.

He is famous for his legendary professionalism and positive energy, infecting with it everyone around him.

He is a great fan of sports and a promoter of a healthy lifestyle.

e has been connected with the MotoClassic event since 2011, with the role of a host.

Joanna Zientarska between 2016 & 2019

A radio, press and television journalist, most closely associated with her beloved Antyradio station. The car lover has inherited her passion after her father Wlodzimierz Zientarski. She falls in mutual love with her cars. She claims that a man will not escape from the automotive industry, because the tendency to travel has been inherent in us since the dawn of history. She writes about cars and everything with wheels on her blog

Tomasz Skrzeliński w latach 2011 – 2019

Mgr inż. Tomasz Skrzeliński, od 1990 roku rzeczoznawca, aktualnie w „Rzeczoznawcy PZM” SA w Warszawie w siedmiu specjalnościach, ekspert techniczno-motoryzacyjny. Pasjonat, mechanik, restaurator pojazdów, koneser motoryzacji, zawodnik sportowy i działacz. W chwili obecnej prowadzi prestiżowy Klub Pojazdów Zabytkowych – Fundacji Ochrony Zabytków Militarnych pod auspicjami Polskiego Towarzystwa Historycznego w Wielkiej Brytanii.

Wcześniej działał w międzynarodowym Klubie CAAR i innych organizacjach oraz stowarzyszeniach automobilowych. Kilkakrotnie brał udział w Rajdach: w Troyes w regionie Szampania - Ardeny (Francja), w Miluzie w Alzacji (Francja), w Barcelonie (Hiszpania), w Malmoe (Szwecja), w ‘London to Brighton Veteran Car Run’ (Anglia) oraz w imprezach na Ukrainie, w Niemczech oraz w Stanach Zjednoczonych.

Zbigniew Nowosielski w latach 2011 – 2015

Mgr inż. Zbigniew Nowosielski, absolwent Politechniki Warszawskiej (1964 – 1971), wydział: Maszyny Robocze i Pojazdy, specjalizacja: samochody i ciągniki. Kolekcjoner i restaurator pojazdów zabytkowych oraz silników, konstruktor maszyn, ciągników rolniczych, elektrowni wodnych.

Działa w ramach kilku organizacji Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego, Światowy Związek Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej, Związek Ochotniczych Straży Pożarnych R.P., Polski Związek Łowiecki, Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno Krajoznawcze, Klub Dawnych Motocykli ,,Magnet” w Mińsku Mazowieckim, Klub Pojazdów Zabytkowych Fundacji Ochrony Zabytków Militarnych w Warszawie. Wyróżniony wieloma odznaczeniami: Srebrny Krzyż Zasługi dla ZHP, Srebrny Medal za Zasługi dla Pożarnictwa, Krzyż Zasługi dla ZKRP i BWP, Złoty Medal Opiekuna Miejsc Pamięci Narodowej, Medal „Pro Memoria”, Srebrny Medal „Za Zasługi dla Obronności Kraju”, Krzyż Czynu Zbrojnego Polskiej Samoobrony na Kresach Wschodnich Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej Członek honorowy Towarzystwa Pamięci 7-go Pułku Ułanów Lubelskich im. gen. Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego.


Topacz Castle
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