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MotoClassic Wrocław is a great automotive celebration which takes place across the facility in nearly all possible forms, starting from great vintage models, through newest and hottest premieres of contemporary makes, automotive products and services sector represented by the companies.

We accept your applications from the 6th of May until 17th of July 2019.

We invite you to cooperation!

Our aim is to gather the greatest number of companies and activity forms connected with the widely interpreted motor sports sector.

Each year this event, during its two days in the Topacz Castle, has been visited by over 20,000 people interested to see everything live, with us wanting to present the automotive market in Poland.

We provide an area which we are happy to make available to anyone who wants to say something interesting about the vision of his company, undertaking, or a passionate hobby being part of the vast discipline i.e. automotive.


Automotive madness in the Topacz Castle, as each year, will be recorded on camera with the eyes of phenomenal and gifted Photographers. It is our pleasure to present some of them:

Jarosław Sosiński

Jarosław Sosiński was born in 1973 in Kalisz. A confectioner by profession. He dropped this and started to work as a photographer (self-learner). He specialises in photos from movie sets and travel documentaries.

He visited a number of countries. His works were published by i.e. National Geographic, Traveler, FILM, Voyage, Podróże, Duży Format GW, Polityka, Rzeczypospolita. Photography author to the following films: 0_1_0, Sala Samobójców, 80 Milionów, and Bogowie.


We warmly welcome all the media to take part in MotoClassic Wroclaw. Below you can find the accreditation form. Please feel free to download the file, fill it in and send us the scan through the e-mail until 8th of August 2019. We will accept & confirm your participation via e-mail.

Download the accreditation form

Zamek Topacz

Ślęza ul. Główna 12 • 55-040 Kobierzyce

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Topacz Castle
Ślęza ul. Główna 12 · 55-040 Kobierzyce